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Alex F.

Organizer, MedStartr Ventures


New York, NY

Joined group

Apr 1, 2009


Hi, thanks for being part of our group and event. If you have questions be welcome to reach out.

What topic would you like to see discussed at the New York Healthcare Meetups?

Whatever the consensus requests. This is your meetup. If it concerns healthcare innovation, we are glad to help whether you are a startup, doctor, nurse, hospital staff, pharma, partner, or investor. Our goal is help new ideas in healthcare suceed by bringing together innovators and connecting new ideas to the 5 key stakeholders they serve: patients, providers, partners, institutions and investors. How can we help you?

Tell us about your view and contributions (past, present or future) to healthcare innovation

Since 1996 I have built systems and companies designed to improve healthcare for patients and doctors. My first startup was an evidence-based expert system that got doctors paid by reluctant insurance companies. Next, as CIO / Product Development leader for the company that bought my first startup, I drove innovation for over 200 medical facilities. In 1999 I moved to consulting at IBM and Pinnacle where we designed, developed, and implemented IT solutions for the myriad challenges of Hospitals around the world. Along the way I also was the founding CTO for the company that put cell phones and QR / barcodes together, In 2010 I started FairCareMD, 2012: 2013: CrowdChallenges on MedStartr 2015:MedStartr a momentum conference 2016: Stay tuned! MedStartr and this group have helped over 350 new ideas in healthcare get found and funded faster. Check them out at or at our events.

What is your company and what do they do. What is your role there?

I serve as CEO of, the leading crowdfunidng and crowdsourcing company in healthcare. We run challenges and crowdfunding campaigns, helping startups get found and funded and big companies connect with the best new ideas.

What are your goals for joining this group and how can we help you achieve them?

When I first joined in 2009 I knew no one in the industry and lacked some basic knowledge about it, having been out of it for 8 years. I had spent a few months reading every trade journal and immersed myself in the study of healthcare, but didactic knowledge only went so far. I came to a meetup and started to meet the excellent people of the group, which was much smaller then. In June of 2010 Eugene Borukovich, our founder, asked me to watch the group for the Summer. It went pretty well and about a year later he asked me to run it as the official Organizer. My goal for the group is to let it be our platform for discussion and engagement around innovation in healthcare. Help us by engaging and tell us what you want to see!

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