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    Population Health Program Designer Leveraging data and market research to design effective programs that empower patients and providers to achieve desired outcomes.
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    CEO & Chief Innovation Officer Globex Health Nurse Technologist with 20 yrs of diversified healthcare experience the last decade at Anthem Value Based Payments, Telehealth, AI, Big Data.
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    CEO of CureMyWay, making health decisions happen, and PhD. in psychology. I specialize in behavior change, including patient comprehension and motivation, and physician prescribing.
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    MedStartr/H20NYC co-organizer/event host. Strategic marketer for healthcare, health tech and services that improve lives. Allegro Marketing; Editor in Chief of Telehealth & Telecare Aware www.telecareaware.com.
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    I work in healthcare media relations with pharmaceutical and healthcare companies Nancie Steinberg
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