Medication Remediation - Pharmacist turned Farmacist


Our guest speaker is a 25+ year veteran of Pharmacy now turned Farmacist....if you are trying to move toward a more natural approach to your health, you won't want to miss this speaker.

Here's a little bit about her story...
About 18 years ago, I began realizing that so much of what pharmacists (and nearly all health professionals) have been taught about medicine is spoon fed to us by the drug industry. After all, if you're going to feed someone information that you want them to regurgitate later, why give information about "the dark side" of common drugs and drug classes? I mean, would YOU take something that could likely cause dementia later in life if you knew that was a possible side effect? Heck no! least I wouldn't. This realization led me to explore and become proficient in other well-care options..... and there ARE other options out there, ESPECIALLY when it comes to pain management.

Liz will share her insight and experience on how to make more natural changes when it comes to managing your health. She will also share some product recommendations that she has found

Tickets: Will likely sell out fast!
here's purchase a ticket, please click going and send a friends/family Paypal to [masked] with a note referencing Aug. 6th seminar so I can purchase for you, you will be a guest of mine at the seminar.

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Location is near Hwy 114 / Main Street in Grapevine, exact location to be provided on ticket.