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What we’re about

In a world where plant-based is all the rage, I am searching for people who see the importance of healthy animal-based nutrition. The importance of supporting regenerative farming and building back the healthy ecosystems that once thrived. The importance of eating an animal-based diet and gaining back the health and well-being of our community. If you are like-minded and see the importance of supporting animal-based nutrition, please join this group! If you are curious to learn more about how an animal-based diet is fantastic for our health and planet, please join this group! If you want to better your health and/or fitness, please join this group! Our meetups could include meet and greet's, hikes in the woods, outdoor fitness or activities, cookouts, or just gathering together and sharing your animal-based story or asking questions.
I am eager to find more like-minded people within my community! It seems to be very challenging to find others that believe in animal-based nutrition and healthy farming practices (even though it's been our way of living for thousands of years...).