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★Speak Out At The Board of Supervisor’s Meeting To Stop The Spraying (Fogging)★

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Speak Out At The Board of Supervisor’s Meeting To Stop The Spraying (Fogging) Of Pesticides!

(Video of Sunnvale fogging/spraying on Monday, June 2nd 2014 with a pesticide called below Zenivex below)

Date: Tuesday, June 10th at 8:45AM – Please note we will meet a little early to talk about a strategy.

The meeting officially starts at 9:00AM.

Location: 70 West Hedding in San Jose on the first floor in the Board Chambers Room.

All speakers will receive 1 minute.

Since we have a limited time please:

Email Brandi at on the topic you want to speak on. Please note the more people speaking on different topics the more powerful of a statement we will make to the Board of Supervisors.

Feel free to make a 8 1/2 X 11 sign to bring to the Board of Supervisors meeting. Some examples of what to put on the signs are:

• FOGGING with a red "no" circle and slash through it.

• STOP FOGGING in big letters, like 3-4" tall, filling the whole page


Feel free to call me (Brandi) with any questions at 408-687-5958.

During our meeting, we will be holding up our signs. We will be one of the first people to speak at 9:00AM so please come early at 8:45AM.

All are welcome to join on Tuesday to speak for 1 minute or even come to offer moral support.

Please invite your friends via forwarding this email or calling them! There is strength in numbers!

Please email me the people interested in joining out mailing list. Please include:

Name, Email and Phone Number.

VECTOR CONTROL will be spraying the Cupertino/Sunnyvale neighborhood this Wednesday, June 4th with a toxic pesticide called Zenivex.

As with most criminal activity and scams, the age old saying “follow the money” reveals the truth behind the West Nile Virus Hoax. It’s all about marketing pesticides for profit, not protecting the public!

Read the following website “Mosquito Management, A Market Opportunity. Increase Your Revenue with Mosquito Control Solutions from Zoecon”, and you will see for yourself.

Zenivex E4 Label
For more detailed information internet search “Zenivex”.

Vector Control claims they need to spay us to protect us from the alleged West Nile Virus. Statistics show that approximately 0.1% of those persons infected suffer from any serious symptoms. This is insignificant. Pesticides suppress the immune system, increasing the likelihood of contracting disease. This method is the least effective and the most dangerous to humans and non-target life forms.

Pesticides are NOT safe.

See you Tuesday, June 10th at 8:45AM!


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