What we're about

(Formerly "How to Marry Yourself")

We're a collection of women from all walks of life, committed to the work of knowing ourselves more deeply and loving ourselves more completely. I'm your host, Dr. Erin Moore aka "The Heartbreak Doctor".

My mission is to help you heal your heart and reclaim your life, even if you still want to hold onto the past.

What's weighing on your heart, friend?

Whether that weight came from long ago or just last week, it is here in service of your highest good.

To heal it is to transform into who you were meant to be.

We heal in community, and I'm here to facilitate that.

Our meet ups are designed to teach you the building blocks of the most healing relationship you will ever have - your relationship with yourself.

For daily support and weekly live chats, come join our amazing Facebook group. It just might renew your faith in the internet!

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Virtual: The Practice of Self-Trust

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