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What we’re about

HeARTspace - Soul Art for Parents  
In the heart of a forest just ten miles from the edge of Portland, Oregon lives an off-the-grid grandmother who wants to help you, parents, find your balance between personal needs and parenting challenges by teaching you how to make your "Soul Art" and by helping you share what you make with other parents in a "Soul Art for Parents" Zoom group.

My name is SueEllen, and I will guide your art experiences. I have traveled the journey of parenthood for many years, so I understand how sometimes a parent’s inner sparkle gets a bit dulled down by parenting challenges. Sometimes you need to take time to perk up your creative spark.

You can find a detailed description of this "Anyone-can-do-it Soul Art" at the website:

All you have to do is say yes to yourself and first join me in a one-on-one Zoom meeting. Then, when you have art to share, join in a "Soul Art for Parents" Zoom Meetup.

Don’t worry! "Soul Art" is easy. It’s artmaking in your unique way. You help your children do things in their special ways. Now it’s your turn.

To make these offerings accessible to all parents, donations are accepted for the orientation and parents circle, but there is no judgement if you can pay nothing.

Think of it as an "ART-MAKING PRESCHOOL for PARENTS"!
Remember "show and tell time" in Preschool or Kindergarten? Well, this will be your time to do just that. But first you need to make art to show and tell about!
So you will need to set aside a time and space to make your art at home and be brave enough to know you can do it. Then you can join with other parents on Zoom to share.

SueEllen will help you get started in the one-on-one orientation and hold space for the sharing.

HeARTspace for you at home is:
Finding your personal artspace
Choosing your art mediums
Making art from your heart
Finding your artist within
Letting your knowing flow
Clearing your head
Getting back to yourself
Keeping going
Expressing yourself

HeARTspace with others on Zoom is:
Sharing your art
Telling your art-making stories
Letting your art speak for you
Receiving listening and support
Finding insight and clarity
Releasing negativity
Finding relief
Sharing your journey
Making new friends

HeARTspace sharing is safe from:
Negative Reactions

No one else can know your art...only you can know.

From a past participant in this process:
"It's not about figuring it all out. It's about finding a new way of knowing."