Nationa chain crawl # 2

Needs a location


This will be the next part to the popular and successful national chain crawl we did in july 2019. This time, we will start at Applebees in Alhambra, then Arbys in Alhambra then on to Burbank where we will do Panera, Steak & Shake, Hooters, Fuddruckers. Thats 6 places which is what we did last time. On slim Chance we have more room in our tummies, theres several places right there that can be added , game time decision, incl Dairy Queen/ Orange Julius, Panda Express, CPK, and others. We can bring wines like last time and drink if some of the places allow. Some can do all 6 or others may quit after 3 or 4 . Others may join as we're doing it. Will be fun as always