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Meetup is committed to bringing people together to do what matters most to them. We are driven by our company values and our mission to help people find others who share their same passion. Meetup’s mission has not changed, but our Community Guidelines have been updated to better reflect our growing and diverse community. Our Community Guidelines are the policies that outline what is acceptable on Meetup and what is not. With these changes, some things that used to be allowed on Meetup are no longer permitted. 

How these policies will affect certain groups
As a result of these policy changes, we will be coaching, warning, and closing certain Meetup groups. This process is not personal, but is meant to clarify Meetup’s mission as a global platform. 

Coaching and closure of certain groups
We will contact organizers if they have created content or events that do not align with our new policies. For a list of those types of groups, please see the ‘Which Meetup groups are affected and how?’ section below. 

Some organizers will be given the opportunity to update their groups to align with our policies. If they choose not to make the necessary updates, their groups may be closed. 

Certain groups that do not align, or cannot align, with our policies will be closed. If this is the case, the organizer will generally be notified at least 7 days before their group is closed. At the time of closure, organizers will be refunded if they do not organize other Meetups.

If you receive a notification from Meetup that your group will be closed, please do the following:

- Inform your members the group will be closed
Refund members who recently paid Member Dues to your group or who paid for upcoming events
Collect all content you want to keep, such as photos, group descriptions, files, pages, discussions, etc. from your group. You will not have access to this content once your group closes.

You can still start a new Meetup!
We welcome the start of new Meetups that meet Meetup’s Community Guidelines. We appreciate your understanding as we strive to make Meetup a more consistent experience around the world. 

Specific Meetup group policies

Dating Services 

Dating services are no longer permitted on Meetup. Events and activities we consider to be dating services include speed dating, date coaching, matchmaking, and date clinics. 

Groups focused on dating services are not aligned with Meetup’s goal of building lasting connections among the group as a whole.

Groups with dating events scheduled
We ask that Meetup groups remove upcoming events related to dating services, date coaching, dating clinics, matchmaking, or speed dating, and refrain from hosting these events going forward. 
We will contact organizers who continue to post these types of events.


Pick-Up Artists and Seduction Guides 
Meetup prohibits groups and activities that involve ‘pick-up artist,’ seduction techniques, or ‘wingman’ tactics. 

Meetup supports activities that are built on civility, respect, and most of all, mutual consent. Pick-up artist, seduction techniques, and wingman tactics typically involve interaction with people who are not members of the Meetup group and who did not consent to being a part of these activities. 

We want singles groups to have a specific, primary identity aside from their geographic location and age bracket. The primary identity lets members know exactly what type of activity or focus the group will have. For example, a singles group called “30-something Singles of Toronto” would not be considered specific enough, but a group called “30-something Single Golfers of Toronto” would be. Both new and existing singles Meetups must align with this policy. 

Clear, specific group descriptions and titles help us find the right members for your group. When group descriptions or titles are too broad or vague, members don’t know what to expect from that group. 

How to align with this policy
Please add a specific interest, lifestyle, or activity to your singles Meetup group. For example, a specific interest or activity would be ‘hiking’ while a specific lifestyle would be ‘vegetarian.’ If necessary, make changes to your group’s name, description, and upcoming events to explain the primary focus of the group. 

Credentialed Services
Meetup groups that offer specific advice or services in areas that require a licensed professional, such as medicine, psychology or mental health, law, or finance cannot be hosted on Meetup. Additionally, groups that make promises of medical or mental cures, or financial gains are not permitted. 

Certain activities, services, and offerings are regulated and require proper licensing or credentials in order to keep people safe. Meetup is not in a position to verify credentials or the credibility of promises or claims in these areas. This includes groups where professionals give specific advice in these fields. Groups focused on professional networking, general public knowledge, or broad education related to these fields are allowed. For example, a doctor could organize a healthy living Meetup and provide general knowledge about how to eat healthy. However, a group that provides direct medical advice to members on their specific diets is not acceptable.

Meetup is a place for safe and trustworthy community building. Groups that promise to cure, alleviate, or reduce physical health, mental health, financial, or legal grievances are prohibited. 

Groups with credentialed services events scheduled 
Meetups that offer direct advice from these credentialed professionals should be removed. Going forward, please refrain from hosting these events.  

Online Meetups 
Meetup brings people together in-person to do what matters most to them. The majority of a Meetup group’s events should be in-person and hosted by a local organizer. Meetup is not intended for groups primarily offering online meetings, conference calls, or webinars with no in-person or real-life interaction.

Meetup is committed to using the internet to get people off of the internet. Using Meetup for primarily online events does not align our mission to bring people together in real life. 

Groups with online events
Organizers should review their Meetup groups and ensure at least half of their upcoming Meetups are in-person events. If necessary, remove online Meetups or add in-person Meetups. You do not need to alter past Meetups.