Meetup is committed to bringing members together to form community and take action. Since the recent United States election, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in Meetup members pursuing and creating opportunities for civic engagement on our platform. 

We decided that we wanted to do more to support these efforts so we created a network of 1,000 #Resist Meetup groups with a few special characteristics.

#Resist is a free extension of the Meetup platform that allows members to get involved in local civic action. Every member of a #Resist Meetup group can schedule and host Meetup events and has access to event templates and a new group communication tool that make connecting and Meeting up with other members easier than ever before. For more specifics on using those tools, check out this article.

You can find the #Resist Meetup closest to you here.

If you’re interested in becoming a co-organizer of a #Resist Meetup near you, let us know.

And to read more about the development and thought process behind #Resist, check out our post on Medium.