Note: In order to be prompted to set a cover photo, you must have uploaded at least three photographs to Meetup event photo albums.

Organizers have the ability to control which photo appears on the Find page for their Meetup group.

The cover photo you choose will represent your Meetup group to members browsing for Meetup groups on desktop web and mobile web. 

Desktop Web

There are two ways to set your cover photo from desktop web:

1. Meetup group homepage

If you do not currently have a cover photo set, you will see a pop-up when visiting your Meetup group's homepage. From this pop-up, you can choose to keep the suggested image, or select a new one from your event photos.

If you do currently have a cover photo set, you can change it from your Meetup's Basic settings page:

- Hover over Group tools
- Select Group settings
- Click Basics

2. Find page

On the Find page, you'll see your Meetup group name on top of a 'card'. Hover over the card, and you will be prompted to upload a cover photo.

Mobile Web

- Head to your Meetup group's homepage
- Tap the three dots and select Choose cover photo

Android & iOS App

- Tap the card of your Meetup group
- Tap the three dot icon in the upper right corner and then Edit group
- Tap Basics
- Tap Change photo