When your new Meetup is approved, we announce it to local members of the Meetup community who have shown an interest in your group’s topics. Prospective members can also find your Meetup on our Find page and on the Meetup calendar, but there are plenty of other ways to promote a Meetup group!

Social Media
When promoting your Meetup, one of the best places to start is with the people you know. Share your Meetup on your own social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. - and don’t forget about email! A quick announcement to your contacts can go a long way. Encourage your friends to tell their friends. Good news travels fast! 

Consider creating social media accounts specifically for your Meetup. Lots of active Meetups maintain a presence on Facebook and Twitter. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy—a standard Facebook page and Twitter handle can help you get the word about your Meetup out to new audiences. 

Hometown Outreach
Print flyers or postcards advertising your Meetup, and distribute them at strategic locations. Run a Moms Meetup? Leave a flyer at the local day care center. A book club? Ask the library if you can leave a stack of postcards. You know the places potential members will likely frequent—make sure they can’t miss your Meetup on their next visit. You can find our logo here if you'd like to use it for promotional materials.

Ask your existing members to help spread the word—they’re your biggest advocates. Schedule Meetups that boost membership. Put a ‘bring a friend’ Meetup on the calendar, or get creative with a membership drive. Celebrate referrals from your members and make growing the Meetup fun for everyone.