Meetup has a new offering to help Community Managers scale a network of Meetups, drive and track community engagement, and build real relationships with members at the local level. 

Meetup Pro has been developed around many of the features community managers have requested, including:

Increased Visibility
A publicly visible map and responsive web page to showcase a growing community on Meetup. People can see what’s happening in their neighborhood and across the world, and can contact you to create a new Meetup in their city. 

Data and Analytics
Understand your growth over time, and see which Meetups need a little extra help. Track and visualize key network metrics based on member engagement and activity. 

Community Intelligence
Get to know your community. Sort member information based on different behaviors or activity levels, and view individual member profiles. 

Central Communication
Provide support, spread news, and gather feedback. Communicate with local chapter leaders and members. Foster communication within the community.

You can read about the product in more detail & sign up for a free trial on this page