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What we’re about

This meetup is for people who know, or might be interested in learning about, how delicious foods and medicinal herbs can make a huge difference in well-being, health and vitality. This meetup is a great opportunity to meet others who are interested in discovering and sharing about the benefits that the natural world has to offer. Come play and learn about herbs and natural remedies with us, outdoors and in the kitchen, classroom and lab! We'll focus on wholesome ways to create health and happiness—from infancy to the senior years. We'll explore many delicious, nourishing foods and medicinal herbs to support your health, or help family, friends and community members who may experience painful or chronic conditions, emotional imbalances and more. People of all ages, and skill/ interest levels, are welcome! Most of our meetups are child/ family friendly.

Do you learn best by seeing, listening, touching, and then doing? We do, too! We'll have fun tapping into the power of nature by positively identifying wild plants to use for food and medicine, ethically harvesting, drying, mixing, formulating, developing and then creating amazing herbal preparations and delicious healing meals and snacks! We will honor our rich, beautiful, natural environment as we nurture ourselves with vibrant health, vitality and inner joy!

Most events are hosted by Master Herbalist, Cindy Hebbard, who has been learning and practicing herbalism for more than 30 years. Cindy also provides herbal education via her business, Wisdom of Healing. She has healed herself from a variety of chronic health conditions and auto-immune disorders, and supported thousands of others in finding natural strategies for their own self-healing process. Please join us and bring your friends and young ones to experience Cindy's vast knowledge of the wisdom of herbs and nature's bounty of nourishing wellness support, and meet other like-minded people.