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February Workshop Series

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February Workshop Series

SunDo Healing Arts offers educational programs that combine practice of Taoist yoga, meditation & breathwork with a variety of holistic health modalities for inspired, evolutionary living. Geared toward students who have a strong sense of self-realization and wholeness, the 2014 Workshop Series uses a practical approach to understand many scientific, philosophical and metaphysical ideas.

Saturday, February 1
Stress & the Body-Mind
According to Eastern perspectives, the body and mind are integrated parts of the whole human being, and are not two separate entities. The study of the human stress response from a physical and psychological standpoint leads to better stress management and integration of meditation into our daily life.
$25 suggested donation

Saturday, February 8
Breath as a Life Force
In many spiritual traditions the same word is used for both breath and spirit, underscoring the esoteric principle that in essence they are the same. The process of refining breath into energy and then into pure spirit is the essence of SunDo practice. Discussion also centers around limitations we face and the experience of oneness.
$25 suggested donation

* Both workshops: $40 suggested donation
Includes optional six-class introductory course to SunDo Taoist Yoga & Meditation on either Tues or Thurs 6:30-8 pm.

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About the Teacher
Master Hyunmoon Kim holds a PhD in the Philosophy of the Human Sciences and oversees a graduate studies program called Sundology at Hanseo University in South Korea. Master Kim integrates contemporary knowledge of western psychology with his traditional eastern training in SunDo Taoist Yoga & Meditation practice.

About SunDo
SunDo is a type of yoga & mediation that does not require another person to act as an intermediary to self-realization. It is a self-cultivating practice that depends upon an individual's ability to sustain his or her own inner process of development. Through yoga-like postures, breathwork, meditation, visualization and energy healing techniques, SunDo integrates many modalities into one complete holistic practice.