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Flippin' Friday - University Falls ... Quintette, near Georgetown ..6 Miles INT

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How Flippin' Cool....While my daughter is away, I get to play for longer than usual.

Assuming the weather is good, let's hike, swim (might be optimistic but could paddle at least) and eat lunch at University Falls.

I've not done this hike, but have been wanting to for a long time. It's not supposed to be very difficult, for a change, but it sounds like a beautiful destination nonetheless. If the weather is forecast to be bad, we can change plans.

So, grab your backpack, your Speedos, your suntan lotion, some water, and a lunch and come join in the fun!


University Falls, aka Pilot Creek Falls, is a wonderful little swimming hole at the small town of Quintete, near Georgetown. The waterfall is a long slide of about 70 ft. in total height, dropping into a number of small pools. The final (and largest) cascade is about 30 ft. high. The swimming holes and water slides are very popular during the summer months with the locals. Be careful though when sliding down these falls: people have been injured before.

To reach University Falls, walk down the dirt road, beginning at the gate off Wentworth Springs Rd. At 0.6 miles, turn left at the fork (onto Forest Road 12N67B). At 1.5 miles, at the end of a clear cut area, continue following the road to the right (don't continue straight here). The road continues downhill until you reach a flume. Go right, keeping the flume on your right. At about 2.4 miles, you will see an unsigned but very obvious spur trail on the left heading down to the creek. This little trail goes down to an old campsite, go right here and continue following the trail all the way down to the creek. Then head downstream until you reach the top of the falls.

Part of this trail crosses private property, so please be respectful and always "leave no trace". The land is partly owned by UC Berkeley (hence the name, University Falls).

Here's a description of this hike I found on the web...

Location: Quintette, El Dorado County
Difficulty: 5.6 round trip. Intermediate with a couple of very steep parts and lots of rocks. Elevation 4100 ft. (-650 ft.)

Duration: About 1.5 hours to hike down and about 2 hours to hike out, plus swimming and lunch (1 hour).

If you are carpooling, please make sure you're all in agreement about how long you want to stay at the falls (assuming we find them)! Some of you may wish to stay longer, which is fine, just make sure you have a ride back!

From Hwy 49 turn east onto Hwy 193 at Cool.
Drive 14.4 miles to Georgetown.
Turn left on Main St. (Wentworth Springs Rd.) and drive 11.8 miles to Quintette.
Park on left side of road at yellow gate, just past Harmony Lane.
It takes about 1.5 hours to get there from Roseville.
Parking is limited at the trailhead.