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Contra Dancing, Yes dancing, not walking or hiking!

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Hey hikers, instead of hiking let's go dancing. Contra dancing is a workout so be prepared for an energetic and fun evening.

Contra dancing is a form of traditional American set dance, done to live music, usually Celtic or traditional American reels and jigs. There is a caller, who first teaches the figures to be done in a particular dance and then calls the dance as the music is played. The dance usually lasts 8-9 minutes. The dances are done in longways sets of couples, in which a dancer and his/her partner do a short series of dance moves with each other and another couple, then moves along the set to a new couple and repeats the figures, and so on. The dance figures are simple and similar to traditional square dances (do-si-do, allemande and swing your partner). However, it is not square dancing. You don't need to bring a partner to come to the dance. The dance figures are taught at 7:30 pm with the dancing at 8-11. If you're a beginner, please come to the 7:30 lesson. Cost is $10.

Wear comfortable shoes, and BRING WATER! Be ready for a workout, good laughs and great live blue grass music.

Hope to see you there!