Angel Island Forget the Ferry Hike

This is a past event

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**Please read ALL of the description and what will you need**

We're going to do Angel Island to the top of Mt Livermore. We'll sail out of Marina Bay in Richmond aboard White Wing, a 35' Catalina. Once there we will do a 5 mile fitness loop hike to the top and back down (no, we won't be going to the Immigration Station or the beach). Lunch on the boat and then we'll depart and sail out of Racoon Strait toward the open Bay. Weather, time, and currents depending we will either head out to the Gate or around the south side of Angel Island by Alcatraz and then back to Richmond. We encourage an interest in participating running the boat but it is not required.

If you suffer from motion sickness or are concerned about it, take a dose of Dramamine or Bonine the night BEFORE the event, and another one when we arrive at the marina. We have found this is the most effective way to go. Again, I can't stress this enough, it is a sailboat. It will be windy (hopefully), it will constantly move, once we're underway you can't just get off if you don't like it.

What to bring:
Water, lunch, a seriously positive and flexible attitude. Sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, layers including a windbreaker layer as it is typically 10 degrees colder on the water. Non-marking soles for the shoes you wear on the boat and no clothing with studs or rivets.
$10 per person donation toward costs of the boat and docking fee at Angel Island and $10 per person if you carpool for gas and time to your driver including helping with bridge fare. $20 total.

7am – Meet at 11th and P, Sacramento
8:30am – Meet at Tradewinds Sailing Club, 2580 Spinnaker Way
Richmond, CA
9:30am – Leave the slip and head to Angel Island
10:30 - 11am - Arrive at Angel Island and hike up to the top
1pm - Lunch and get underway
5pm - Back at the dock
7pm - Back at 11th and P