Canceled Meetup

COPY CAT CLASSIC HIKE: Kachina Peak Loop a.k.a. Wheeler



I decided to cancel the hike given weather unpredictability and a satisfactory outcome after talking with the hotel.

Doug has the same hike next weekend and he knows the route. I may or may not go on it but if you have the time it will be worth it. Here is the link to Doug's Hike on the 21st:

Kachina Peak Loop a.k.a. Wheeler Peak the Hard Way-Difficult on September 21, 2013 (



Once again, please read this description in its entirety before signing up.

This Hike is a "Copy Cat Hike" based on Doug Flynn's August 31st Kachina Peak Loop a.k.a. Wheeler Peak the Hard Way-Difficult hike. (Read Doug's Hike Description) Mikee and I have never done this hike, so it could end up being done on a wing and a prayer. Basically that means this is part exploratory in nature and conditions in the field are not as predictable as a Bosque hike.

You should be fit enough for a long day at elevations above 12,000 feet. Everything you need, you must carry. Suggest at least 6 quarts of water, rain and cold weather gear, and plenty of fuel for the day. Don't forget a headlamp just in case.

Did I say we would be at elevations above 12,000 feet for a good part of the hike. Keep that in mind. Elevation sickness can always be an issue. At high elevations anything goes from cold gale force winds to electrical storms. If weather conditions warrant we will retreat.

This is not a beginners or an intermediate hike.
It is a strenuous advanced hike.

• Physical Level: Strenuous

• Technical Level: Advanced

• Distance: At least 10 miles

• Elevation Gain: Unknown at this point, probably 5000+

• Prerequisites: You should be a fit and experienced hiker. Have hiked before with me, Mikee, Victoria, Doug Flynn or Brian. Don't sign up unless you know you can make it.


• Assemble Saturday morning, September 14, at 6AM in the Taos Ski Valley parking lot

• Take the service road to Kachina peak

• Use the Doug's image above as a guide for finding the route to Wheeler Peak

• From Wheeler we will work our way along a ridge system then drop down and take the Bull of the Woods trail back down to the parking lot.

Getting There etc:

Mikee and I are leaving Bernallio Friday at 1PM from the 550 and I25. We can caravan up with others who would like to leave at that time, otherwise people will have to self organize transportation. We will be staying in the Taos Ski Area. There are cheaper places in Taos or camping along the way from Taos to and withing the ski basin.

If you have questions: Ask