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Icicle Creek Easy Backpacking + Day Exploration (French Ridge for sure and ?)

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**Please begin making carpool comments (see what I wrote below). It's likely to be a go as mid July is normally nice in Central WA. Also, please only sign up if you truly intend to go/change your RSVP if you can't go.**


Forecast: sunny, upper 80s, lows in 60s; we'll be at around 2000 feet at the camp so it shouldn't be super cold at night; however, things can change rapidly in the mountains so prepare for cold/rain just in case.

**Green Trails Map No. 177: whoever has one, please bring it! Thanks so much !!!!!!

Hiking Plan:

The plan is to hike into a lovely camp along the creek about 1.5 miles in and set up there for two nights. We would then hike French Ridge (Tues after setting up) to the old lookout site - about 10 miles roundtrip and some decent uphill. There are other hikes near there such as French Creek to Klonaqua Lakes or just follow Icicle Creek for several miles. It will be easy for the backpacking portion as there isn't much elevation gain or very far to the campsites, but the day hikes will involve more uphill if you so choose - but less weight :D. We will hike every day, but if you prefer to stay in camp, you can. You can also choose different hikes.

Bring: two days/nights food, backpacking supplies, dogs ok on this one if your dog behaves (i.e. doesn't steal food etc.), day hike supplies: water filter, water bladder or bottles, not sure if we can have fires there or not, tent, camp stove, warm sleeping bag, mattress, extra clothing - can be cold at night and hot during the day, bug repellent, sunscreen, hat, poles

My contact info:; cell 360-319-5023 - My name is pronounced car e NOT Carrie. I will be in Stehekin July 2-11 with no cell or internet connection so please contact me before or after. I'll update this July 12 with weather forecast, etc. If weather will be good, this trip is a "go".

Carpools: I would love to ride with someone but may bring a small hiking dog. Please note if you have a dog, can drive and from where, allow dogs in your car . . . I am in Snohomish right off Highway 2 - four or so cars can park at my house. I have a small car and can drive if I have to, but I have been the driver every time for months now so would like a break if possible plus a bigger vehicle than mine would be better for more people. Everyone plan to pitch in for gas for the drivers!!

**If you plan to meet at the trailhead, we should be there by 10 a.m. Please advise if you plan to do this. Remember: you must have a Forest Service pass to park at the trailhead.

Carpools: updated July 15
1. Looks like Mia taking Steve and Kelly directly and has room for one more. We'll see you at the trailhead. Hopefully, that will be around 10.
2: Heather T can take Jaihoon from my house. Heather: you said one person, no dogs, no eating in your car. You can't fit anyone else who follows those rules???
3. Seattle Outdoor Adventurer meetup = Calista said she could drive, has a dog so Jewel, her dog, me, my dog should be able to go with her. She is from Bothell/Mill Creek area so it's perfect for her to come to my house. Jewel is also close to me. Hopefully, that won't fall through as I've been driving long distances for months for the meetups so I would like a break this week. My car is easy to drive so if we have to, I will. I will bring my pass for Calista.
4. Jonah leaving later but willing to drive. I haven't heard from Thuan or Cassie on the other meetup so I have to assume they aren't going.
5. Kevin is on a motorcycle and meeting us later.

I think that sums it up for carpooling. I haven't heard reconfirmations from:

Maria, Cassie, Thuan