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2/12 - Snow Shoe and Hot Cocoa - Snoqualmie Pass

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The snow is here, yeah!!, We have had so much fun on the earlier hikes, so it's time to schedule another snowshoe, Haven't you ever looked out over a beautiful mountain vista and thought to yourself what a nice place this would be for a hot cocoa with friends. I'm planning on hauling up a stove so that we can have cocoa with the best people and the best views.

We'll be doing an afternoon (approx 3-8 miles)(2-2.5 hours) Snowshoe at Snoqualmie Pass.

A few changes based on feedback from all of you
We'll meet for carpools in Issaquah instead of Bellevue based on feedback from people on the headache of the post function and the carpool parking being so far apart. Please post if you can drive or if you need to carpool. I have 12 pairs of loaner snow shoes, so let me know if you need to borrow and make a comment in your RSVP, so that I don't forget. My cell # is[masked]
We moved the start up by one hour, While the 10am starts make it easy for everyone to get to the carpool, they cause us to cut the hikes short. Hopefully all of you still get adequate beauty sleep, I'll get my ugly coma ;-), this way we should be able to do more snow shoeing than driving.

This is a cross posted event, I have cross posted this to the Pacific NW Hiking Group and the Get Up and Get Out Group as well as placed links in SOA. If it's full here look in the other group. ... ...

Carpools - I will post carpool info here, once people post that they can drive. Each rider should plan on pitching in $5 for gas, etc. to the drivers.

I will be coming from north Seattle and probably taking I-90, I have a Toyota 4 runner, and I really don't like driving so if someone is up for driving it, we can use it.
Carpool to the Carpool - Saul's "bus" info - I will only be stopping at the stops that people actually sign up for, so if you want me to get you at one of these stops, put it in your RSVP
Saul's carpool "bus" schedule:
Leave house in Kenmore 7:40am -
Lake Forest Park - Ballinger Shopping center Starbucks 7:45am - Karen Nelson
65th/Ravenna Park & Ride 8:05am - David Fronnan (GUGO), Elfie, Marlena - Greenlake Starbucks 8:10am - Julian (GUGO), Yu-Wen (GUGO),
Broadway and Pike Street 8:20am - Alexi (GUGO), Lysun(GUGO)
Issaquah P&R 8:55am

Saul's cell[masked]

*** Please note: Actual Snow Shoe Route choices will be updated to reflect conditions including avalanche danger. Carpool time and location will remain the same. Most Snow shoe routes will be fairly flat and away from the slopes for safety reasons *******

Avalanche Forecast link: ...
You'll notice that the south facing slopes where we will be are relatively safer, but you still want to stay clear of avalanche chutes and not be below open hillsides that could release on top of you. Most of todays routes are well clear of these hazards, the back part of Gold Creek as well as portions of Kendall are riskier, we will shorten the route to stay away from that area on the Gold Creek, but if you decide to do Kendall please be familiar with the risks.

We'll meet at 8:45am in the Park & Ride and head out at 9:05, the plan is to snow shoe from 10:30am until about 1:30pm and then head back down and grab a bite and a brew at the Issaquah Brewery. I expect to post 3-4 route choices so that people will have time to select. If the snow levels are high, we will have some climbing to get started. We will do sign in sheets so that each leader knows who they are responsible for keeping track of. We will have leaders for each route choice and we will probably start multiple groups 15 minutes apart on the easier route(s) based on demand.

Hope to see you there.


I have loaner Snow Shoes for 17 people and will scrounge up a few more pairs so that I have them for everyone listed below:

I am bringing loaner snow shoes for:

Ricky (GUGO)
David Fronnan (GUGO)
Carol (GUGO)
Ricky (GUGO)
Alexi (GUGO)

Tara (PNWH)
Gabrielle (PNWH)
Steve (PNWH)

Yu-Wen (PNWH) & (GUGO)

Audrey (PNWH)

Jamie Giganti (PNWH)

Sabitha Rajagopal ( (PNWH)

Sabitha Rajagopal ( guest (PNWH)

Sabitha Rajagopal ( guest #2 (PNWH)

Lisa Tiedt (PNWH)

Laura (PNWH)

Coral S (PNWH)

You need to bring your own boots or shoes to wear with them and keep your feet warm. If you like to use poles you'll need to bring your own.

The people that I am recruiting as leaders, I'll pair you in groups of two, I'll bring maps for you. Let me know if you have any concerns

Have an idea which route interests you, we will split into carpools at the Park & Ride for the various routes. I have listed probable leaders for the various routes, posting your route preference in your rsvp helps us make sure that we have enough leaders for your route.

None of the routes will start high enough to be light powdery snow, only the steepest routes will even hit powder, but we will have a fun trip. The lower parts will have snow but it will be hard packed. The highest trips are likely to have avalanche danger from wind blown snow on top of crusty ice, so we will need to check the forecast in the morning.

Work out levels for those of you that want to know.

Easy - Gold Creek

Medium - Colonial Creek with part of the PCT.

Hard - Kendall Lake

Hard - Keechelus Ridge

Hyak Exit
Lower Gold Creek Basin - the upper part tends to get avalanches - sno Park Permit required - 5-7 miles some hills, mostly flat) - leader - Mark
Kendall Peaks Lake - sno Park Permit required - approx 8 miles, steady climb - Elevation Gain: 1,700 feet High Point: 4,400 feet, leaders- MojoBC, Dave

Commonwealth Basin and up the PCT a ways, I will make this one have enough climbing to be an intermediate work out - Saul

Keechelus Exit

Keechelus Ridge - sno Park Permit required - approx 7 miles, steady climb, Elevation Gain: 1,200 feet High Point: 4,900 feet -

first Snoqualmie exit (exit 53) - Commonwealth basin, no permit, 4-5 miles, 1000 feet gain

I know that this event usually fills up really quick and I'd like everyone to be able to go so
I will need help from others that are willing to lead, my preference is that you have some familiarity with the route, have a map, can navigate, have some first aid experience and are skilled at managing squirells in a fun way ;-)

1) Leading one of the routes - we will be in areas with legal party size
restrictions of 8-12 people max, I will identify which route has which restriction.
I need more people to volunteer to lead a group so that we can split into legal size
groups starting either on different routes or a while apart if on the same route, we
not only want to be legal, we actually don't want our groups so close together that
it feels like a shopping mall experience for our fellow outdoors people, so let me
know if you are willing to lead and if you have a preferred route from the list.

Thanks Saul [masked][masked]