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November 28 9:30pm Night time Beach Hike - Golden Gardens to Richmond Beach

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This is on my Birthday, we'll walk on the beach on the minus tide to Richmond Beach.

the lowest part of the tide is -1.05 feet at 10:40pm, the hike is about 6-7 miles and we have a little over 2 hours, while it's flat, it's still a pretty quick pace.

Equipment - Headlamp or flashlight

shoes that can get wet

We'll need to leave cars outside the park, since we'll finish after it closes.


7:55-8:10PM - meet carpools by the gate to Richmond Beach Park 9:00-9:10pm - meet everyone, sign in names to keep track of people 9:10-9:20pm - discuss the route, environmental and safety precautions 9:20-11:30pm - hike midnight - go to a local establishment - tbd Carpooling: I can pick up carpool people from Kenmore, Lake City, Richmond Beach, Greenlake, Northgate, etc.; email or call me if you want a ride. My cell # is[masked]

Carpooling with me so far:

My house 7:30pm - LFP Starbucks 7:40pm - Greenlake or Northgate - tbd

It's about a 7 mile hike and we have to beat the tide or we swim ;-)

There may be some sections with water on them, your feet may get wet, so wear shoes that you don't mind getting wet.

Low tide Beach etiquite from a member who volunteers at the Seattle Aquarium.

a Beach Naturalist for the Seattle Aquarium. With such a large group coming they'd like to pass along what they have learned to help minimize our impact on this sensitive environment. It's your call if you want to forward this along to the group. I think good beach etiquette comes down to 4 main points: 1) Leave your dog at home. I love dogs, I even love dogs on the beach, but they can do a great deal of damage if left to run loose on the exposed beach during a big minus tide. Dog waste of any kind is very harmful to the plants and animals exposed at low tide. 2) Don't walk across eel grass beds. Don't know what an eel grass bed is? Don't worry, there will be plenty of volunteers from the aquarium to point them out. Eel grass is a foot or so long, grows in big beds and is exposed at very low tides. Thousands of tiny critters spend the low tide hiding in these leaves waiting for the water to come back. Walk around the beds and not through them so not so crush them. 3) Don't flip rocks. When people flip rocks over it disrupts the lives of everything that lives on and under that rock. All the animals are under extreme stress at low tide, exposing them to full sunlight when the live in the dark can be deadly. Flipping the rock back just crushes them. Enjoy what you can see with out moving stuff. 4) Don't take home shells. Everyone wants a memento of their beach walk. Remember this, there is nothing extra on the beach. All the big horse clam shells break down and release calcium back into the water for the other growing shells. The little snail shells are homes for hermit crabs. Even the drift wood has a purpose. The beach needs it more than you do. Try to leave this sensitive environment exactly as you found it. Thanks for reading this far, looking forward to a great day. ***************************************************** In response to concerns someone posted last year:
We are hiking on a public beach and accessing the beach through public access points, we do not intend to walk on the railroad property, rocks, tracks, etc.
The sand is fairly course grained, so I would be suprised if anyone became "stuck" in it. I expect that some people won't be fit enough for the trip and will pull off at Carkeek Park.
We are expecting the entire hike to take about 2.5-4 hours based on a walking pace of a little less than 2mph.
I do expect that some people will get wet feet at various points of the hike and do not expect a need for a rescue by any of the agencies that you mention. If the conditions change we will adjust our plans, we have several legal exit or turn around points.

In the event of a tsunami, everyone will be too busy to assist us and we will rely on the best tools we have, our heads.
I hope that you enjoy your weekend - Saul