Who Likes STRENUOUS Hikes?

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This is not an actual event. We created this posting to create a mailing list of members that like to or want to go on strenuous hikes . Strenuous hikes are 10-20 miles long, usually with 2,500-4,500 ft elevation gain and are hiked at a faster pace than the moderate Berg hikes.

RSVP if this would be you and please note your past hiking experience and typical exercise routine. It is club policy to make sure that any attendee on a strenuous hike has the appropriate experience, for we want to make sure each strenuous hike is not only enjoyable for you, but is enjoyable for the others on the hike as well.

Trip Organizers: This calendar entry may be used as an email list to promote your event. An example of an appropriate number of times for such use would be no more than twice per event. Such communication should state that it is being sent to the members who have their names on this list. Thanks.