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Chair Rocks hike

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Chair Rocks are a granite outcrop high above the South Platte River near Foxton. We will hike a portion of the Colorado Trail northward from the vicinity of the North Fork Fire Station on County Road 126. Climbers do technical climbing at the rocks. We may do some scrambling but we will NOT do any technical (i.e. with ropes) climbing.

How to get to the starting point: going south on US285 turn left (southeast) onto Pine Valley Road at Pine Junction (there is a traffic light). Proceed down Pine Valley Rd (CR126) to Pine and continue along the river to Buffalo Creek. Carefully monitor your speed as you drive through Buffalo Creek. Ascend the hill to a wide spot on the left (east) side of the road. This is about 2.2 miles south of the Forest Service work center in Buffalo Creek. There is a gate across the intersecting road and only a small amount of space to park. The parking area is at 7468 ft elevation (39.36692 N x 105.24628 W). We will hike on the road a short distance and then proceed on the Colorado Trail.

Chair Rocks are a short distance off the Colorado Trail (39.40631 N x 105.23770 W).

starting elevation: 7468 ft

highest elevation: 7868 ft

net elevation gain: 644 ft

distance (round trip): 7.8 miles

time on the trail: 4 or 5 hours

subjective difficulty: easy

The CT is in good condition but the southern part of our route is in an open area that burned fifteen years ago. There are good views along the way. Bring plenty of drinking water.

You undertake this hike at your own risk.


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