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Directions - Turn onto Lakewood from either 2222 or 360, near the juncture of both roads, meet next to the larger parking lot at the dog park. Near the rest rooms.

We will leave the dog park, go across the creek and up the hill from the dog park. This trail winds around a bit and we will eventually come back to the creek level where Bull Creek passes under 360 the second time upstream (not much stream right now) from the dog park.

Optional topics - Quantified self stuff, have you ever tried fitbit, bodybug, Nike+, scale that uses Wifi to update a spreadsheet .. I'm ready for an accurate fat % measure that's cheap enough to use daily or a real-time glucose monitor cheap enough for us non-diabetics.

I'm also thinking about things that are becoming more fungible on the market - rooms (AirBnB), cars (Getaround), other stuff (Craigslist). Should I get rid of everything I own while I can? What about work (taskrabbit) - what do I do to specialize or otherwise make sure this is not a race to the bottom? With Google cars, will a getaround car come to me? What else that is owned by anyone can be automatically rented and sent to me?

What about politics? What actual change (not just re-branding) would make the party I usually don't vote for one I would consider voting for? Or at least the honored 'loyal opposition' that I respected even if I didn't vote for? What would your favorite third or fourth party be? (Pirate party anyone?).

Bring good shoes, good attitudes, water for yourself and some for your dog if you bring one.

Dogs welcome. Please try to be on time, as we will leave at the posted time, unless we get a call, so feel free to call my cell.

(512) 507-2831