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Barton Creek - 4513 Travis Country Cir

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Directions going South on Mopac, get onto the access road as if heading to 290/71 west, take a right onto Southwest Parkway, first right onto Republic of Texas Blvd and another first right onto Travis County Circle, and then either:

a)stay on Travis County and park across from the second left that says Canyonwood, or

b) take the first left that says Canyonwood and follow it until it dead ends on Travis County

either way meet in the dirt parking lot across on the other side from Canyonwood.

Bring water, good shoes, water, water for any dogs you bring, we will hike down to the creek and return lots of winding trails, expect a hike of 2-3 hours. Possible topics of conversation include:

- How could government be designed to make it more accountable? How can we build a financial system so that each entity has skin in the game?

- Is the distinction government and private sector, arbitrary, for example why not have non-profits do everything government does? Why not create rules so that all corporate entities can be dissolved if they act not in the public interest? Why should 'Don't be evil' be a high water mark - ok, now I'm just preaching, sorry.

- What kind of exoplanets and extra-planetary are we likely to find? How could we signal life on other stars that we are here? How can we look in ways that we are not looking?

- What fanciful ideas are not being discussed for genetic engineering? Unicorns anyone?

Or small talk and enjoying nature is always great. As always try to be on time, but if you are running late, please call me on my cell and we will wait any reasonable amount of time.


(512) 507-2831