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Scottish Woods Trail Hike

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Even earlier - to avoid the heat!

On 360, the Scottish Woods Trail light, is south of Lost Creek Blvd and north of Stoneridge Rd. Turn West (away from town) at this light (east will put you on Westbank Dr.). Follow Scottish Woods Trail to the end and park as close to the juncture with Camp Craft as you can. The trailhead is maybe 40 yards uphill on Camp Craft from the junction. We usually meet inside the fence where there are benches, map. etc.

What if dolphins are way smarter than us, just stuck without opposable thumbs, fire, etc. I guess they must still be able to make fun of us. If you were given a sovereign nation island - what would you do with it, would you invite others to live there, what would your laws be like? If the speed of light were no barrier, where do you want to visit? If you could infect all computers with good software, what would it do? What device in your life (house, car, work, lawn ..) would like to have the ability to query remotely and/or have it notify you if something happened? Or just watch (permanent webcam on Stokie?). The sudden water pressure drop notification is the one I want, would have saved me thousands of dollars once.

This will be a 3-3.5 hour hike. Wear good shoes for hiking, bring water, humans and dogs are welcome. I will try to have the group back at the top of the Hill of Life (at the trailhead, where we meet) by 9:45 AM to 10:15. In any case, try to be on time, if not call my cell - because unless we have calls of people running late we will leave the trailhead at 6:45 am.


cell (512) 507-2831