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Barton Creek - Taco Deli/Spyglass Entrance

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Meet at the Barton Creek trail head that is off the Barton Skyway Mopac entrance, roughly halfway between the Colorado River and where 360 crosses Mopac south of that. From Mopac going south take the Barton Skyway exit, turn left and park near where it dead ends around Taco Deli.

We will hike 2.5-3 hours at most and will climb up and go along the cliff when the path is close to the cliff. There is the stone bridge to optionally cross, plus two or three great panoramic views. If you have not already done this hike it is not to be missed.

What can we talk about> I could talk about tech stuff all day, but that's probably not good for most. The Economist has a leader article on protests - from mid-1800s Europe, through US 1960s, Iron curtain falling, to Arab spring ... Are we in America not doing our part recently?

Google street view backpack is now available to volunteers - should we try to take it on some of our hikes?

Ever had shark fin soup? Chocolate covered ants? What else have you had or want to that is still not standard American fare in 2013? Some people say one of the partial solutions to our ecological problems is for us to eat more insects, not for me - so far.

So there really is a working quantum computer - what's your favorite optimization problem - I don't mean the obvious stuff like encryption keys, ..what would e-harmony do with this?

Why is it always zombies, what about a world wide plague that made us all left-handed, or color blind in the same way .. or in the other direction what about giving us all perfect pitch?

The creek bed is pretty much guaranteed to be dry and the hill segment has no water, so bring water for dogs if you have them and for yourself definitely. Also good shoes, good attitude all important. As always we will leave on-time unless you are close and call on the number below.


(512) 507-2831


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