This Meetup is past

30 people went


Medium length hike, 3 hours estimated, so should end around 10:30. Walnut Creek Park is southwest of the juncture of Parmer and Lamar and one can get to the park by finding the Walnut Creek Rd off of Lamar just south of Parmer or from Parmer west of Lamar turn onto Willow Wild Dr which leads to Walnut Creek Rd. We will meet in the picnic area off of the parking lot which is off of Walnut Creek Rd - which runs through the park.

Dress appropriately for the temperature, bring water, good shoes, water for dogs if you bring them.

Discussion topics for may include

1) Is there money to be made by betting against climate change deniers - weather volatility futures maybe?

2) What could be free and open source that isn't yet? Anything that anyone could design and other people can make - once they have designs? Houses, cars, ... I think someone has done those.

3) what if we had faster than light communications to alien civilizations we can never meet, how would we create a language, establish what we have in common, ...

3) what comes after our current democracy, real-time electronic consensus development systems - a new direct democracy, get rid of the 'representatives'?

4) what in your life experience so far - are you willing to talk about that you both cherish and regret?

5) What about eating cooked insect meal - I hear it tastes like chicken:-)

If things are like normal, we will talk about none of those things. If you are running late call my cell, otherwise we will leave on time.


(512) 507-2831