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subrosa Ridley Creek Area Exploration

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Sidney G.
subrosa Ridley Creek Area Exploration


3-4 hours, 8-9 miles, real nice trails, many gradual hills, no dogs allowed. Tricky to find lot 17, so use gps and look at the map.
39.943370, -75.435391

The subrosa Ridley Creek hikes are in a beautiful area with trails that are in great condition in both summer and winter. Each hike we head in a different direction usually outside of Ridley Creek Park. Subrosa means hidden or secret, so I will tell you more about the route at the start. It's a fun hike in a great area. Lot 17 has a bathroom.

To carpool from Hill House (201 W Evergreen Ave, Phila) meet 1 hour before the event. Carpool time changes if hike time changes. Email me ( 3-4 days in advance and receive a reply.

GENERAL RULES : ••Hike at my pace. ••Hike lengths are approx: allow 30min -1hr extra. PLEASE be considerate, the following is frowned upon: ••Leaving early.••Providing unsolicited advice. ••Being unpleasant.••Newbies can attend a few of the free hikes, then pay the calendar year fee of $20 for ~300 hikes, $30 couple ••Option to pay $5/hike. ••Pay in person or at . Thanks.

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Hiking Around Philly
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