Can a person be morally exempt when acting on behalf of a group? Y & Y not?


The discussion (usually) will take place in two separate meetup sessions, we will be more casual (focusing on general thoughts ,feelings, experiences, as well as any tangents associated with the topic) in the first session and we will be more philosophically rigorous (focus on definitions and logic) in the second session. This is to entertain members with different preferences and it also benefited me by having more time to dwell and think on the topic.

Reminder: Please don't be a no-show! Change it to "No" if you need to cancel. Also, please note that we may or may not notice if you post a message here on the meeting day.

This meetup session usually lasts between 2-3 hours.

PURPOSE: It is mostly an exchange of knowledge, insights, and experiences of the topic, while try to have an enjoyable and fun conversation. Clarification of concepts and exploration of both the validity and pitfalls of the commonly-held views would be better, as it paves the way for the next session (usually a week after).

FORMAT: To allow good participation from everyone in the discussion, let's try the following format:

1st round: Brief self-introduction (who you are, anything about your background, what led to your interest in the group, etc.).

2nd round: We take turns to express our views on the topic (meaning, when it's your turn to share, it's only you talking -- others can respond to you later in the 3rd round) (But short questions to help to clarify speaker's point is always allowed.) You are encouraged to keep the speaking time under 5 minutes and not only to share your beliefs, but also the reasons and experiences that form your beliefs.

3rd round: Basically a free discussion related to the topic. Be civil and do not interrupt or talk over others too much, unless it is not related to the topic, or no new points are being made.

REQUEST: The meeting is free but you are encouraged to buy something from the coffee shop (since we are using their space!). You can also suggest topics for future meetings.

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