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SunDo Taoist Yoga & Meditation
Transformation through the Breath

Introductory workshops for beginners!

Join us as we explore the role of the breath in physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. Ancient cultures associate breath with spirit in many different ways. Today, in our modern society, we have lost touch with spirit ... and our sense of higher purpose. Consequently, our breathing has become weak and shallow, due also in part to trauma and stress in our environment. Deep, slow breathing not only remedies physical and emotional imbalances, it connects us with spirit in the larger universe giving us a sense of oneness and peace. Our breath builds a bridge between the body and mind, and also creates space in which spirit can enter.

During a series of workshops, discussion will center around how breathwork creates real and lasting transformation in our lives. Practice includes lower-abdominal breathing in gentle yoga postures, along with stretching and exercises designed to open the energy meridians. After class, tea will be served and students will have a chance to share their experiences.

Leading the class will be Taoist Master Hyunmoon Kim, one of several master teachers trained by Taoist hermits practicing in the mountains. Master Kim is also a Ph.D. graduate of Philosophy in Human Science, in which he developed the teaching methodology of integrating contemporary western psychology with ancient eastern wisdom.

Please see the information below for dates and workshop topics...

"The main idea of Taoism is non-force; to let things happen naturally. In Taoist practice, we learn the principle of letting things go their natural way so that we can understand and awaken to the truth of the natural world.

Like water, when we allow ourselves to flow, we are naturally drawn down the channels that we are meant to take; we go to the places where we are meant to be."

~ Hyunmoon Kim, Taoist Master

Transformation through the Breath

Workshop Series Schedule

Tuesday January 8 ---- 6:30 to 8 PM
Vital Energy & Breathwork
In Taoist Philosophy the concept of life energy or "jing" is thought to be finite and can be used up through excessive work or unhealthy habits. Learn how breathwork replenishes jing and even fortifies one's physical and emotional health and vitality.

Tuesday January 22 ---- 6:30 to 8 PM
Balancing Qi with Breath Meditation
Investigate the the internal and external properties of Qi, a subtle energy considered to be the life-force of all living things. Through proper breathwork, our Qi energy patterns can shift, bringing a sense of wholeness to our personality and affecting our perceptions of the world around us.

Tuesday February 5 ---- 6:30 to 8 PM
Breath & the Five Elements
According to Asian Medicine theory, the five elements of water, wood, fire, metal and earth constitute our physical world and can influence the health of our bodies. Breathwork that builds earth energy grounds us and creates a strong foundation for good health.

Tuesday February 19 ---- 6:30 to 8 PM
Reclaiming our Vitality through Breathing
Many of us are affected by stress in our daily lives and use supplements to counteract these affects. However, the Taoist way emphasizes the cure for illness or imbalance by simply changing your breathing. Learn why the breath is actually all that is needed to regulate the nervous and glandular systems in our body.

Pricing & Other Information

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to get settled and sign in.

For all four workshops, you may pay $45 at the first session.
Otherwise, each workshop is $18 per session.

Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended. Shoes are not worn in the carpeted practice space. There is no need to bring a mat. Cushions, towels and backchairs are provided.

Please email us at [masked] with any thoughts or questions.

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