Timeless Reiki Level II Certification Class (5 week course)

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Timeless Reiki Level II: Healing across all time and space

There are many different modalities of Reiki, ranging from the very traditional to many that were adjusted to a “western” audience. Some training is abbreviated, mostly for those who wish to have a Reiki experience and possibly do some light self-healing. What is commonly found is based on ritual, symbolism, and a hierarchy handed down through “attunements”. These forms of Reiki satisfy the needs of many people, but not all. Timeless Reiki is here to support anyone called to do powerful healing work, not just on themselves but on others. Our students learn more effectively through direct, practical, applications of energy work in a smaller venue where each practitioner gets personalized attention. We also avoid the overload of information typically encountered through “intensives” and pace the training over a reasonable amount of time so methods can be thoroughly understood and integrated. Our goal is to ensure our graduates come away with a very strong foundation with no gaps or uncertainty.

Commitment and Costs

This is a professional-level course. When you sign up you are committing to attend all of the sessions. There is some additional tutoring available, but makeup classes are simply not possible. With any training course, you want to examine the costs and weigh them against what is offered. High fees may not necessarily indicate more valuable content, but simply an instructional group that’s focused more on finances than they are on education. Our goal is to offer the best value for high quality training, in alignment with other courses in the area.

Typical seminar-style Reiki 1&2 (combined) courses, with classes sizes of 30+, range from $500 to $1200. These courses are usually very intense and presented over the course of a weekend. This does not provide a great deal of time to assimilate the material and incorporate it onto your life.

Our courses run 5 weeks for each level of training which provides plenty of time for practice, assimilation and Q&A. Each level of training is currently valued at over $1000.

We are offering it at $550. (payment options available)
Our class size is 4-10.

This allows us to cover our costs, and still make training available to everyone.

To pay for this class please go to the following link:


Timeless Reiki Level II: Healing across all time and space

Class 1 (2 hours) Saturday Feb 8th
• Review Reiki Level 1: Mediation, Shielding, Clearing and Balancing Chakras 1-7 and Subtle Energy Bodies 1-7
• Learn about the Major Chakras 8-14
• The Purpose and Importance of Healing across all Time and Space
• Q&A

Class 2 (2 hours) Saturday Feb 22nd
• Daily Grounding Meditation clearing the Major Chakras 1-14
• Learn about the Subtle Energy bodies 8-14
• Meet and Greet the Galactic Federation of Light
• Continue to meet your Spirit guides
• Q&A

Class 3 (2 hours) Saturday Feb 29th
• Daily Grounding Meditation clearing the Major Chakras 1-14 and Subtle Energy Bodies 1-14
• Enlightening the Ego Process: a process to heal and let go of all negative emotions. (Trauma, fears, boundaries, limitations)
• Healing Others: Hands on healing

Class 4 (2 hours) Saturday March 7th
• Advanced Meditation: A Meditation that will bring all Chakras and Subtle Energy Bodies into alignment across all time and space, quickly and easily.
• Lessons of Light: Understanding why we choose to experience pain and suffering.
• Healing Others: Remote healing

Class 5 (2 hours) Saturday March 14th
• Everything is made up of frequencies and vibrations -> Energy
• Recommended Daily routine
• Graduation

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