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Hi my name is Ruby Over the past 5 years I have had major shifts in my life path and have been lead to work with that which feeds my soul. After qualifying in Life coaching ,Nutrition ,Personal Training,NLP and Hypnotherapy I was drawn to the more spiritual and experiential courses.

In 2013 I became an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher & completed the Golden Heart of Merkabah of Creation Basic Practice my journey continued with training in gong therapy in 2014 and completing a two year diploma course in August 2015 becoming an ACHO ( http://www.crystal-healing.org/register/) accredited crystal therapist. In addition in October 2015 I completed the New Shamballa Healing course in Glastonbury. This has enabled me to be a very intuitive healer capable of giving a very rounded and balanced treatment for the person as a whole and allows me to be able to pass this wisdom on by teaching these practices n and holding workshops and meditation groups.

I work closely with my twin flame connection Alan west and we facilitate the meetup group together , who first came into complimentary medicine the classic way for men via a physical ailment over 20 years ago when he opted for complimentary therapy rather then surgery for his back pain and found it so effective it's started his journey in the healing arts .

In 1998 Alan trained in Usui Reiki and become a Master Teacher in 2000 ,his Jounery continued with crystal therapy and completed a two year accredited diploma in 2001. 2003 he completed his spiritual teachers course with VHF , in 2012 he completed his shamanic practitioners course , in 2015 he completed the Angelic Reiki Master workshop and has just done the new shamballa healing course with Christine core. He has been running workshops / meditations / development course for over 10 years in Camebrly and is now relocating to London.

The meet up group is open to all levels regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey from beginners to intermediate to advanced ultimately we all come from the source. The events will take place in a safe sacred space away from our every day life allowing us some time to reflect , contemplate ,find inner peace a place where we can go and seek guidance healing or wisdom for our highest good from our own higher self our own guides /allies /angels.This space will be where we can focus on ourselves where we can look at or rekindle our spiritual journey where we can work on our own empowerment. when we come together as a group we open up a space that is much stronger than the some of its parts .

The meet up events which take place regularly each month allows us to :

-support each other on our Journey of Healing

-meeting like minded people

- Share Knowledge

-Gain Insight

-Understanding the energetic shifts in the universe

-Bringing awareness of how sound, crystals and working with the Angelic Kingdom can support us with our daily life to break patterns of behavior which can cause us self sabotage , heal Trauma's we may have experienced which conscious or sub consciously can stop us from reaching our true potential and living the life we desire and much more

-Discover our Dharma

-Unlock our creativity,

-Develop our connection with our guides and the Angelic kingdom for Guidance /Support/ Belief in our own self mastery and much more . Each meet up event is unique and will be beneficial and supportive to all those whom attend .

Currently there are three main meetups that take place each monthand more meetups will be added in due course .The three main meet up are as follows

(1) Mid Week Meditation

On the evening we will use many different meditations into any of the different realms, different dimensions inner or outer above or below journeys. the solar lunar and planetary energies will be taken into consideration on the night but ultimately the group dynamic on the evening will determine what we do.

Some of the common meditations we use but by no means all are arch angel, faerie, elemental, power animal/allies, goddess, gods,ascended master , nature spirits, crystal, mythical creature, sound and harmonics and cord cutting. we will be working with dreams numerology card decks and much more.

(2) New Moon and Full Moon Gong Bath

Working with the energies of the New Moon/ Full Moon or Planetary Energies you will experience a 2.5 hrs Gong Bath with meditation using a crystal mandala to reflect the energies we are working with at the time.The sonic sound from the Gong will allow you to experience connection and peace as the sacred sound diminishes blockages, helping to create a free flow of energy


(3)Angelic Reiki® workshops

Angelic Reiki® workshops, channeled by Kevin and Christine Core, are an amazing experience, giving you a direct link to the Angelic Kingdom to begin or deepen your connection with the angels. The power of each workshop provides you with an opportunity for a life transforming experience providing you with gifts and tools to use personally or share with friends /family or professionally if we are guided to do so .

(4) Fourth Friday of the Month

Open to all, an intimate gathering with like minded people which will include Meditation, Crystals, Mini Gong Bath and Angelic Card Reading . Working with the energies will allow us to receive direct guidance from the surrounding Angelic Realm and the Divine Source to remove blockages, assist with Spiritual Growth, Manifestation and Planetary Healing and much more, allowing you to experience balance, peace and harmony.

If you have any questions please do email me at ruby@holisticruby.london.

Look forward to meeting you at a meet up event soon

Wishing you Angelic Love and Light

Ruby Larimar

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International Angelic Reiki Conference Day 2

PAX Lodge, Olave Centre

Mid Week Sound &Crystal &Angels Meditation 7.30pm

16 Woodgate drive

Mid Week Sound &Crystal &Angels Meditation 7.30pm

16 Woodgate drive


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