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Standby: Meet others in your local area interested in Acting on all levels. Action: Improv. Comedy, Burlesque or Drama, from novice to professional. Come and just have some fun time. Events occur sometimes on the week-end during the day, mostly on week ends. We record it on camera when desired. Build some scenes, put them together on DVD and use our collaborative product in our respective portfolios, whether we are actors, directors, camera, sound or light people, writer, animator or simply extra. Get the full acting experience with fun. In turn, we will be on stage or watching others perform, alternatively amused and bring the house down yourself. Maybe just a great live acting will bring some fun in our hearts. Experimented participants will train less experienced to the basics of the acting/improv bug. Stand up comedians, get a real in front of an audience. Extras, build and develop some characters for your motion picture exposure. Meeting gigs may occur around Hollywood and Los Angeles, depending on the chosen location for rehearsing, shooting and the provenance of the participants. Cut: If you are afraid to be ridiculous, this is a great therapy. It's a wrap!

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