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Free - Hugelswale and Terracing With Logs Workday, (Escondido)

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Please come join us at Sky Mountain Permaculture and learn how to build hugelswales and how to construct terraces using logs. A hugelswale is a hugelkultur bed (logs, branches, wood chips, and manure covered with soil) built on a contour to harvest rainwater. As the logs decompose they are able to hold more water and provide water and nutrients to the surrounding trees and plants. Terracing is a great way to harvest rainwater and to create more growing space, and, using logs is one of the fastest ways for making them. We have built hundreds of feet of hugelkultur beds, berms, swales and terraces all over the property, and have numerous water harvesting earthworks. Not only will you learn amazing skills, but, you well be inspired by examples of completed projects throughout our demonstration site. Lunch will be provided. Please wear work clothes and shoes that cover your toes, and bring gloves, a hat, water and a shovel (if you have one).


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