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2019 Goal-Getting Master Class (ONLINE)
2019 is coming. It will be here before you know it! EEK! Are you ready? I've heard so many people say that 2018 was supposed to be "their year" and it didn't quite turn out that way. Why is that? Is that your story? That was my story for EVERY Single year prior to 2018. I'd get all gung-ho about my New Years Goals, write them out, put them up on my walls and by February they'd be a distant memory. Am I alone in that? Can you relate? But 2018 was different for me. In 2018, I doubled my income, moved into an office space that I LOVE, lost significant weight (kept most of it off), transitioned into incredible NEW profound DEPTHS in my relationship with my husband and stopped living in "survival mode". I broke free from the "New Years Resolution TRAP" and LIFE Trap I'd been in for 20+ YEARS!!! What changed?: I made ONE tiny but POWERFUL change in the way I approach my goals. Would you like to know my secret? If, like Groundhog Day, you're still experiencing the same year OVER and OVER again and you're ready to make a change, JOIN ME Saturday, December 15th at 10am! ****2019 Goal-Getting Master Class**** Finally, once and for all, become a Goal MASTER! In this 2 HOUR Online MASTER CLASS you will receive: - The Goal-Getters Workbook - Access to my favorite resources & a community of support. - Learn the ONE SECRET to STOP making the same "resolutions" over and over and START crushing your goals - BEAT procrastination and begin LIVING in your passions and purpose NOW - Gain CLARITY on what you will CREATE in 2019 - Live with Confidence, Focus & Purpose - Start the NEW YEAR with Step-by-Step ACTION PLAN for making 2019 your BEST YEAR YET! The BEST PART? This Master Class is ONLY $77! Why so affordable? Because I truly want EVERYONE to experience a year like I've had!!! If you're ready to say YES to your 2019 BEST SELF, click here now to sign up! BONUS: The first FIVE (5) people to register will receive a FREE Audible copy of The Success Principles by Jack Canfield! DON'T HESITATE! For just $77, you could be singing a COMPLETELY different song around this time next year! REGISTER TODAY!!! Click here:




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Calling all Young or Aspiring Entrepreneurs in Orange County! I get it. You're a different breed. While there are many start-ups, small business owners and entrepreneurs that have decades of experience, you were born with a unique drive. For some reason, you were that kid in school that just couldn't sit still and didn't get excited about the mundane idea of going to college and then starting a mundane career working for mundane people. You dared to be different and now you're going for it! If you're young, fresh and can't reign in your new ideas, then let's get together, vibe and network. This won't be your mundane networking group - no drab two-minute speeches. Let's have a blast and grow our businesses together! All ideas are welcomed!

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