Past Meetup

A Revelation of Spare-time Artists (as heard on my interview@FM903 <Zine> 11/7)

This Meetup is past

45 people went


When art is the secondary in your mind, passion still runs through every vein inside the body, but you need to tap your creativity out of the treadmill on your full-time job. After all, your artwork studio needs money to power it and your livelihood needs an income to sustain it. Art-making is squeezed into a tiny session of your daily schedule and prolonged as far as your resilience and endurance can carry.
As if a full-time artist was an illusion to urbanite, how do you feel about your patches of life on art-making?
The Illustration Show exhibits creations by talent makers and artists. All are good art by the eyes of different viewers. Besides, whatever put on stage indicates unwavering dedication of the creators and bears much relevance in the spare-time artists’ world.

Location: L2 platform & Blue Wall

Opening Party and Session for Experience Shared
Have a brief introduction to the artists and their works including the concept and originality, technical tips and skills as well as further interaction related to the artwork

Exhibition period 17/8-1/9 10am-10pm

Me(Ah V@V-gallery, aka "Veron SUNG" and 14 other artists will exhibits our works

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