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Welcome to Kitchen Dynamic Meetup Group ~ " Hong Kong COOKING FUN!!! "


This Group is all about enjoy making food & mixing drinks with a group of happy positive people, is all about sharing and being joyful. Most of our classes will be doing things together, meaning beside cooking, dessert making, mixing drinks, etc, you will also networking with new friends at the same time. So please be nice and kind to each other.

People always have concern on will the food be any good? Will there be enough to eat? What if I don't know how to cook? Also, how to cook? How to mix drinks? How to make sure my pet can have certain food? How can I become a vegetarian? etc. Don't worry, We have more than 9 years experiences in the industry, we are experienced enough to handle all those issues.

Here are some more facts for you to join our group:

• Our program is backed up by Nutritionist

• ​We have been in the business for 9 years and have been hosting Culinary team buildings for different large corporations. Usually same customer keeps coming back: we have been training different departments and grading in the same company.

• ​We have experiences in holding event up to 150 people for many times.

• ​We have large customers base in Hong Kong such as Peninsula Group, Nike, Hyatt Regency , Zara Group, Coca Cola, and Govt Depts such as Social Welfare Dept and Labour Dept, etc

• ​We have our own venue with 2,400 Square Feet with specific setting targeted for Culinary Team Building. Our location is just 5 mins away from MTR station.

• ​You would never be regretted choosing Kitchen Dynamic as your partner as we could bring you what you "expected" and we could "achieve" your target!

We will have loop events every months, so if you miss one event, you might have to wait for another month for the similar type of event. So stay very close to us!!!

Week 1: Regular theme cooking Class / party

Week 2: Dessert making class / party

Week 3: Vegetrian theme cooking class / party

Week 4: Cocktail mixing class / party

Week 5: Special theme cooking class such as pet food making, etc

So, join our group, stay close, and I will see you soon.

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🧧賀年食品 蘿蔔糕&笑口棗😍😋 第五回

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🧧賀年食品 蘿蔔糕&笑口棗😍😋 第四回

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