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The Secret Sing Presents: Open Mic & Acoustic Lounge Sessions

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We have booked the Fill in Blank for an Open Mike/Acoustic Jam Session. Cost is 80HKD per person, Lemonade, Coke and Water are free. Everyone gets a free drink on entry: beer or wine, then a choice of BYOB or or drinks are available during the night starting at $20 each and pizza will also be available for $20 per slice!

We are looking for musicians/performers/Singers to come play/perform on Saturday June 22nd. This is the first time we've ever organised an event like this. Previously we've organised Acoustic Junk Boats, Acoustic Beach Parties, Acoustic Art Jams. Slowly through word of mouth, it's gaining momentum. The last events have been a lot less informal, but this seems like the way to move forward.

On previous events the format has been people play/sing their choice of songs, and the more experienced musicians accompany them adding various styles to their song.

I want to organise a schedule for the night. First half will be individual sets/groups/bands etc. then later will be a free for all jam.

If you are interested in singing performing please add yourself and say how many songs you'd like to perform. You can either do you're own set, or jam with the others.

Ok these are the rules if anyone wishes to sing or play with others:
1.Find the song they want and post the chords lyrics on here and
2.2. find an acoustic version of the song from YouTube. Like the ones below. This gives other musicians time to familiar themselves with the song and tempo.
3.Please provide at approx 5 songs of your choice to give the musicians a choice of what they would be comfortable to play.

Please remember these are acoustic sessions, so no putting the original version on unless its an acoustic There is nothing to say it won't get vamped up, but lets stick with the basics. This worked well the other night as a first session.

Sympathy For the Devil - Acoustic Version ( (

Like A Prayer - Acoustic versions ( ( (

Everyone can have their 15 minutes of Fame no matter your level, and the more experienced can play and accompany others.

So let me know you're level of experience and how many songs you'd like to perform.

Please check below and see if you're happy with schedule and time slots. If you want to add yourself to play even one song ok, just let me know

For any musician who is willing to play one of the singers, preferred choice of songs, please let me know. So I can put you in contact

Or if you're a musician that doesn't want to sing, but would like someone to accompany you, please say, and provide some songs you're comfortable playing and we will try to find someone willing to sing

Any singer, who wants to sing but hasn't put their preferred choice or song, chords, and acoustics you tube version, please do, helps others to prepare and shows preferred tempo. (the reason for this rule, is because when people start asking if people know this song or that song, it can break the atmosphere of the night. So keep momentum and schedule. Please provide your song etc.)

If attending and would like to bring friends, please let me know asap, so I can add them to the guest list. We have a max number of 60. Please don't bring bring friends on night, or else it could be chaos.

If plans change and you cant make the event, please notify me asap, as this night is down to the singers/musicians.


7.0 Adam - guitar and Uke (4/5 songs feathering Elton)

7:15 Bonnie – Singer (Needs musicians)

1. With or Without You

2. Dreams

Jim (Singer) (Needs musicians)


2.The Middle

3. Sympathy For the Devil

Mary Jane – Singer (Needs musicians)

1.Genie in a bottle

Millie- Singer (2 Songs)

1 Drenched (feathering Elton)

2 The Call (feathering Chris)

8:00 Matt – guitar (2 songs)

1. Drac & Friends

2. Spiritual Groove

8:15 Andromeda

1. Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell

2. Strong enough Sheryl Crow

3. Hallelujah, performed by Jeff Buckley

8:30 Ryan

8:45 Andres - guitar

9:00 Claire (3 Songs)

9:15 Yat yin's Blues Fondue (feathering Elton)
1. Hoochie Coochie Man
2. My Babe
3. Nobody know you when you re down and out

9.30 Chris Taylor- guitar (feathering Jack)

1.Johnny Cash Ring of Fire
2.Ryan Adams Let it ride
3.Ewan McColl/Pogues Dirty Old Town
4.Cherry Ghost Thirst for Romance
5.Paul Simon I know what I know
6.The Beatles It's only love and that is all

9:50 Margaret

1. Killing Me Softly (Needs musicians)
2. Eternal Flame
3. Fly me to the moon

10:05 Ben & Erin (4 Songs Guitar and Uke)

10:20 Olivia & Andres:

1 Ben

2 Angels

10.30 Elton's Root Pudding (feathering Yat Yin and Olivija)
1. Friendly Fire
2. Old Fashion Morphine
3. Rocky Roccoon

10.45: Joe Solo Set ( 4 songs)

11 Joe Blues Dia's – Free Jam

Then Turn into a free for all jam, as usual

Other Singers/Musicians:

Olly - Pianist/Guitar

Amanda – Singer/Guitar

Marie – Singer/Guitar

Raphael – Singer/Guitar

Laurence – Guitar

Vivian -Singer

Dido &

Brian Luk – Violin

Please let me know if the information above is correct, and if happy with time slot.



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