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f8 and be there!

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There was an old press photographers saying "f8 and be there!". Why? because most lenses were at their sharpest at f8 and it gave enough DOF.

The idea for this meetup is that you can only take photos at f8. That doesn't mean you have to have a big DOF, you chose how to create the shot by choice of subject, subject positioning (move yourself if you can't move the subject), ND filter to create/allow/avoid movement/elements, focal length to allow huge DOF or shallow DOF. The options are almost endless but you must use f8.

I know, I know, f8 delivers a different DOF on different sensors. So if you have a camera with a crop factor of 2x, 1.6x or 1.5x you can use f5.6. However if you choose to use f5.6 that must be used for ALL your images. If you are not sure post a question here.

After exhausting the opportunities in HK Park we'll make our way to Insomnia in Lang Kwai Fong for some happy hours refreshment and discussion of how easy/hard it was.


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