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The Archer Model: 4 Secrets for writing and delivering a powerful presentation

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Geoffrey Lane: Lane Consulting Group Inc.


The ARCHER (which represents you, the presenter) provides the energy to shoot the arrow to the target. Learning how to manage, maintain, and develop that energy is important and forms a major part of any presentation.

• ARROW & BOW ~ the Arrow represents the script that tells a story — just like a movie — whether it is 60 minutes, six minutes or 60 seconds long. The BOW represents the delivery system and supports the story to be delivered to the audience. What is the most effective medium through which to deliver the Arrow (your story).

• The TARGET represents the audience; which, for you the presenter, is the most important element. As a presenter, you need to know what motivates, interests, and affects your audience. What kind of story will influence and persuade them, interest and involve them. The audience preselects the type of event they attend; is it for business, education, inspiration or some other purpose?


“The Million Dollar Coach”

Recently I was introduced as the “Million Dollar Coach”, I just never thought of myself that way. Afterwards I asked why that introduction and was told simply “well it is true, that’s why we hire you”. Yes, it is true in the last calendar year I have helped teams win over $280 million in contracts, what a great year and what fun it was too…

I am a Presentation Director, so what is that you may ask?

Well I made up that name to explain what I do as a consultant. I direct and coach teams and individual people to present their ideas with authenticity, drawing out their personal power and charisma and as a result they get more of what they want, with more ease and a sense of fun. Sounds simple, it is challenging, exciting and sometimes stressful and disappointing.

“The role of the Director is to create a space where they can become more than they’ve ever been before, more than they’ve dreamed of being” Robert Altmann

As I love winning ~ what I really mean is I love helping people to win business, win the interview and get the job. Love being the coach, it is so satisfying to see the people, teams and organizations that I have coached do well and oh yes I am competitive and when we win, elation!

I am known to “tell it like it is” giving direct, clean feedback, no BS, no beating around the bush, just telling it like it is!

I happily lead workshops, some for the general public and many for business clients. My favorite is the Presentation Power™; become a powerful speaker workshop ~ which is based upon my experiences as a, keynote speaker, presentation coach and as a workshop leader.

Look for my new book Presentation Power™, coming very soon.

I love what I do.


I will be offering a copy of my newly published book ~ Presentation Power; Become a powerful speaker.