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Girvan Grille - Ghost Wing Challenge

Hosted by Twin Cities Hot & Spicy Food Lovers

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Girvan Grille

8700 Edinbrook Crossing · Brooklyn Park, MN

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We survived the Buffalo Wild Wings Challenge -- now, a new challenger arises!

The Girvan Grill in Brooklyn Park claims to have the spiciest hot wings around. Oh? I want proof!

What I do know is that they prepare their hottest wings with none other than Bhut Jolokia Chili Peppers (Ghost Chilis), which are rated at 855,000 Scoville heat units!

For reference, that is nearly three times hotter than the hottest habenaro. Even approaching the severity of law-enforcement-grade pepper spray, which is rated at 500,000 units.

In any case, feel free to take the challenge or root on the competitors! They also have a variety of steak, chops, and seafood on their menu.

Read more about the challenge here: (

Ghost Wings Challenge Rules

Eat 10 ghost wings in 15 minutes. No other food or beverage may be consumed during this time. No bathroom breaks allowed. Wings must be completely eaten. Successful challengers will be awarded a Girvan Grille Ghost Wings Challenge tee shirt. Successful challengers will be pictured on our “Wall of Flame”. Minors must have parental permission

Citypages review:
"The surprising thing about Girvan's wings is their complexity of flavor, as most extremely spicy dishes tend to lack nuance. The sauce at first tastes a little woodsy, then slightly fruity, with hints of campfire and paprika. After those blissful few seconds, though, the ghost pepper begins its scary crescendo, blazing past the lips and mouth before settling in the stomach."

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