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Graph Database Intro focused on FB using Neo4j

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Ashish Patel from Health 2.0 Houston has invited us to join them at Platform Houston for meeting discussing Neo4j. It won't be a javascript specific talk and will be focused more on Cypher (Neo4j's query language).

Here are the details from Ashish:

Max, a talented engineer from Neo4j, will buy pizza, beverages, and do the presentation. Here's a brief description of the event...

Bring your laptop and a friend. Download and install Neo4j ahead of time or use . We will go through the basics of the language, and have you write some cypher. It doesn't matter if you are working on Neo4j in Ruby, Java, Python, Clojure or Javascript. Chances are you'll want to use of the Neo4j Query language "Cypher".

He'll show you how he built a Facebook Graph Search with Cypher and Neo4j. Check out for a sneak peak.