LearnerJS October: ECMAScript 6

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Speaker: Curtis Schlak

Bio: Curtis Schlak’s second favored language is ECMAscript. He reviews ECMA-262 every morning over granola. He likes to program but spends a lot of time trying to make other developers’ lives tolerable on big projects. He has a couple of open-source, server-side ECMAscript called nodemock, stork and leslie-mvp. And, he’s such a pedant, he doesn’t call it JavaScript because he’s afraid that Oracle will sue him.

Abstract: When ECMAscript 5 came out, the Web-programming community saw the first improvement to one of the most commonly used programming languages on the planet. Wishing to maintain that momentum, TC39 (the standards board for ECMAscript) continued to grow the semantics of the language by looking at what the community kept doing to fill the holes of the current language. And, so, ECMAscript 6 emerged! It continues to struggle for final approval; however, a lot of browsers, server-side environments, and polyfills exist that expose the functionality. This talk will hit the most revolutionary and interesting parts of the new version of everyone’s love-to-hate language: classes, modules, lambdas, promises, proxies, parameter and return value destructuring, generators, template strings, and symbols.