Ideas Creation Series: Licensing; Royalties Welcome :)

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Do you have feasible commercial ideas? Perhaps the best method to create better ideas is exercise vigorously. Following that is maybe to play warfare-strategy computer games. Why? Studies show creativity is best developed by physical exercise, and mental agility by playing warfare video games. Considered these out-of-the-box approaches to enhance creativity?

Instead, in this seminar series, we’ll learn the next best methods for ideas—market research, systematic product-services creation, intellectual property protection, and licensing.

We’ll begin with licensing, by reviewing Stephen Key’s book “One Simple Idea,” which describes how to identify commercial ideas and license these. Presenter will outline the book, and then let’s discuss implementation methods. Attendees need not to have read the books, though it will help.

Presenter Chen Sun invented, wrote applications for, and received several web patents; and, his firm, also deployed marketing ideas for customers that netted them millions.

Level of Licensing Seminar—Basic; no licensing background is required. Reading “One Simple Idea” is recommended.