Fire Hoop Training! Safety in da House!

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Price: $75.00 /per person

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Did you wanna learn how to FIRE HOOP? or maybe be a safety for those who like it hot? Great! Here is the deal. Fire hooping is awesome, cathartic, and part of a primal ritual.

And frequently underestimated.

Let's get you fire hooping, safely.

Workshop Details:

1:30 - 5 Will be the heavy learning component.

• Teaching will include lecture,

• demo of safe technique,

• safety guidelines,

• what to use,

• what not to wear

• and how to set up a safe burn space.

5-6:30 Dinner break: brown bag or go local

6:30 - 7:30

How to Get the most out of your burn personally,

• Discuss anxieties

• pair up, order of burn

• Discuss Ritual/healing power of fire/burn

• and burn iphoneography 101

7:30 - 8:00

Create the space!


Burn Time Wahoooooooooo

Are you right for this training?

YES! if you are a boy, girl, in between. we don't care. You gotta be 18 or over though.

Waist hooping is not required, but know your skill set. If you are not sure - contact Blythe to have a little convo. She is an event host.

Fire fans are okay, but let Blythe know that you are fanning instead of hooping.

What Else?

Fire hoops will be provided for burn experience. It serves you to attend this workshop and then buy one, cause we teach the do's and don'ts of buying a fire toy.

Wear natural fibers. No skirts, flowie clothes. Bandanna for your hair if that concerns ya.

Closed toe shoes that are familiar. This is not a time to bust out new shoes. Some folks wear whatever, and then at flow time have a costume change.

A water bottle or refillable cup. You will need about 4 times more water than you think.

You will receive a fire manual, stay in the know as updates occur, trends change, and know that you are a Punk Rock Hoops Hottie! We are cool and have a private FB group.

we love you, in a big flaming heart type of way. because #thisiswhathealinglookslike


Punk Rock Hoop Flames

ps. This is a practical application exam for a few of the Level Flamers who are completing the PRH Level Flame Certification. WHAT? Yup, we do that, too. Right on!


Our girl Stevie shot us a question asking if it was worth taking this class if you already had some experience fire hooping, so we thought maybe other peeps might wanna know this info too!

From Blythe:

This training is basic, but it is basic for a reason. We gotta go back to fire safety 101 in order to make sure everyone is safe. I've been asked by several self taught hoopers to teach them and be their fire perhaps this is the training for you.

The manual is a good and is getting stronger and stronger with every training. We add you to a fb group for PRH trained fire peeps which has access to the current manual with updates and shit we are getting into. Manual updates coming post some training from our crew is performance tips with fire (dress, attitude, etc). I'm also gathering new information on how to pull permits, obtain fire performance licenses in Texas (which is waaaay easier than a year ago when I last looked into it).

Also, I have been heavily trained with a strong lineage and want to pass that legacy on.

We discuss what to look for when purchasing a safe hoop and we are expanding into fans.

Also, we as a policy do not let people who have not been fire trained by PRH burn at our events (socials, Hottie Hoop Camp, etc). So if you wanna play with us, this is your ticket in. :-) And we are pretty rad peeps and we want YOU to play with us.
Lemme know if you have any other questions.

XOXOX, Blythe