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What we’re about

Hi, Welcome! We are Lottie and Lucy, your hosts. How´s your Mourning? is a free online space where you can come and be in a safe, supportive group and share your feelings and experience around your grief.

This group was born out of our need to provide a supportive community and space for those going through bereavement. We are lifelong friends. We grew up together and our parents were also lifelong friends. We both lost our mums and Lucy, her dad. We have lots of direct experience of what it feels like to go through bereavement and the loss of someone you deeply love.

Lucy´s experiences of grief are through bereavement and serious chronic illness. Professionally she has worked as an adult education teacher and practices art. She brings compassion, empathy and kindness to the shared grief circle.

When Lottie lost her grandmother and mum two years ago, she searched for groups but couldn´t find anything. She was living overseas and ended up flying back to the UK to join a waitlist for a well known Charity Support Grief Counselling. She really wished there was a community of people to talk to. Professionally she is an Integral Breath Therapy facilitator, Meditation facilitator, and practices art and embodiment. She brings presence, empathy and a whole lot of love.

We want you to know you don´t need to be alone. Our wish for you is to have a supportive space where you can be amongst friends, speak freely, and feel seen, heard, and witnessed.

How does it work?

The group starts with a short introduction of names followed by a 7´-minute meditation and is then open to individual 5-minute shares. The meetings are open with no set topic, they are here for you to share your experience and how your feeling today. If you do not feel like talking thats ok too! You are more than welcome to come and be with us and simply listen.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is going through or has experienced bereavement is going through a chronic or terminal illness or is supporting someone who is.

Here are a few pointers to get the best out of the session before we meet:

If you are signing in from your phone, please make sure you have downloaded the zoom app before the event. You will need to test your mic and camera are working.

When you click on the event you will enter a waiting room until the hosts are ready to start the meeting. Your mic will be automatically muted on arrival. We ask that you keep it muted when others are sharing.

Please have your video turned on for this event so that we can see and welcome you.

This is a safe and welcoming space. We ask that you respectfully do not share anyone else´s identity, experience, or feelings outside of this group. The confidentiality of every member of this group is important.

We look forward to meeting you,


Lottie & Lucy