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Max Ogden ('s in town next week and is up for sharing some scars and joys of using JavaScript to build a product, so let's do an afternoon with ECMAScript! Big cheers for Garage48 HUB ( again for having us!

Here's what Max is going to talk about:

JavaScript all the way down: Building a product with almost 100% JS
This year myself and a node.js core contributor @mikeal have been building a mobile app called Gather ( (@gather ( We both write almost exclusively in JavaScript with a little Objective-C and Java thrown in every once in a while when we absolutely need it. I'd like to share the benefits and drawbacks we've experienced when making a cross platform mobile app and scalable backend using JS.

Max Ogden is a open source developer who writes lots of JS and hangs out with the node.js crew in Oakland, CA and has previously worked for various city governments in the US to help them modernize their use of technology.