• Minimum Viable HTML5up: Pub Edition

    Kochi Ait Tavern

    Let’s fire up HTML2016 with a Minimum Viable Meetup: A get-together in a pub of our democratic choice for a chat-up, eat-up and drink-up. No prepped talks this time, only us around a table or a few talking shop and swizzle. The interesting stuff you don’t hear in talks anyways — that tends to get airtime only behind pints. ;-) So, come, listen to what everyone’s been up to the past year and share what you’ve learned. We've got a booking big enough to fit everyone at Kochi Ait Tavern (http://www.kochiaidad.ee/?go=kochi_ait_trahter), which is on Lootsi 10 (http://www.kochiaidad.ee/?go=al08), next to the Tallinn port terminal D. Parking in front of the tavern is free. PS. We’re also open for topics you’d like to hear in future meetups and talks you’d like to give. Email me. It’s free to play! ([masked])

  • HTML5 Long Time No Meetup

    Garage48 Hub

    No better time than now to get HTML high-5ing again! A couple of great talks coming right up and, best of all, a chance to see all of your friends and frenemies. Thank-yous to Credit24 (http://www.credit24.ee) for sponsoring us with a venue at Garage48 Hub (http://hub.garage48.org) and to the Hub itself for helping set it all up. Great also to Opus (http://opus.ee) for bringing us drinks! Shaken, not stirred. This is what is in store right now. All talks are in English. • Peeter Tomberg (https://github.com/peeter-tomberg) on how to build a single-page app with Marionette.js (http://marionettejs.com). • Erki Esken (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/erki-esken/8/b6b/a60) on moving from a typical MVC web app to using dataflow and reactive UI. • Mikk Kirštein (https://github.com/kirstein) on ECMAScript 6 generators — what they are and why you should care. There will be plenty of chatting before talks, during breaks and after as is customary. Even for Estonians! :-) See you there! PS. There is a projector ready, so if you've been hacking on something in the past months or found a really weird bug, do come and share. Even if just for a few minutes. Let me know ([masked]) and let's get you plugged in!

  • X-HTML5MAS Meetup

    Garage48 Hub

    Before Santa Claws comes to town, let's talk some tech. A jingle bell rock to Garage48 Hub (http://hub.garage48.org) for hosting us again and big thanks to Creative Union (http://creativeunion.com) & Newton Marketing (http://www.newton.ee) for cheering us with drinks! Off the bat, these hackers are up for sharing stuff: Erki Esken (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/erki-esken/8/b6b/a60) talks about ECMAScript 6, the new upcoming version of JavaScript. Indrek Vändrik (https://indzuliin.wordpress.com) talks about making HTML5 apps faster. Talk about things to consider when developing HTML5 apps. What is cool and what's not in terms of keeping your apps fast. Practical examples on how to wipe away those unneeded milliseconds from your load time. Anton Narusberg (https://twitter.com/antonnarusberg/) goes 3D with three.js. There will be plenty of chatting before talks, during breaks and after, as always. See you there! PS. We've got a projector ready, so if you've been hacking on something in past months or found a really weird bug, come and share — let me know ([masked]) and let's get you plugged in!

  • HTML5:afternoon with JavaScript All The Way Down

    Garage48 Hub

    Max Ogden (http://maxogden.com)'s in town next week and is up for sharing some scars and joys of using JavaScript to build a product, so let's do an afternoon with ECMAScript! Big cheers for Garage48 HUB (http://hub.garage48.org/) again for having us! Here's what Max is going to talk about: JavaScript all the way down: Building a product with almost 100% JS This year myself and a node.js core contributor @mikeal have been building a mobile app called Gather (http://gather.at) (@gather (https://twitter.com/gather)). We both write almost exclusively in JavaScript with a little Objective-C and Java thrown in every once in a while when we absolutely need it. I'd like to share the benefits and drawbacks we've experienced when making a cross platform mobile app and scalable backend using JS. Max Ogden is a open source developer who writes lots of JS and hangs out with the node.js crew in Oakland, CA and has previously worked for various city governments in the US to help them modernize their use of technology. http://maxogden.com http://github.com/maxogden @maxogden

  • HTML5 Meetup:nth-of-type(3)

    Garage48 Hub

    Now that we're all well rested and tanned, it's time to talk tech again! This time we'll be meeting up at the new Garage48 Hub (http://hub.garage48.org) in the city center. Thanks to Garage48 for helping us with the venue! So, fresh out of the oven, these hackers are ready to share stuff: Anton Narusberg (https://twitter.com/antonnarusberg/) shows us Meteor.js (http://www.meteor.com/), a new JavaScript webapp platform that's been getting press (and $11M in funding, can you imagine), Peeter Tomberg (https://plus.google.com/112736784233451605643) introduces Require.js (http://requirejs.org/), a JavaScript file and module loader, Martin Tajur (https://twitter.com/tajur) talks about real-time apps on Node.js and his Engine.IO boilerplate (https://github.com/martintajur/Engine.IO-app-boilerplate) to make it easy, Illimar Tambek (http://www.linkedin.com/in/illimartambek) on CoffeeScript (http://coffeescript.org/), a language that compiles to JavaScript, Peeter Marvet (http://tehnokratt.net/) talks and shows Foundation 3 (http://foundation.zurb.com/), a responsive front-end framework, and even gives hints on how to use it for easy prototyping. There will be plenty of chatting before talks, during breaks and after, as always. We've got a projector ready, so if you've been hacking on something in past months or found a really weird bug, come and share — let me know ([masked]) and let's get you plugged in! See you there!

  • Some good ol' recruiting! And drinks. And chocolate.

    Kehrwieder Chocolaterie

    Looking for a meaningful job? Or just some project work, since you only do 12-hour days already? LiveMusicStage is a Finnish startup developing a platform for broadcasting and monetizing interactive live music events on the web. We're looking for talented developers to join the team. So if you're interested, let's meet up for tea/coffee/other_beverage_of_choice and I'll tell you more of us and what we're looking for.

  • HTML5 <Pre>Summer Meetup

    Cannedapps Tallinn Studio

    We're back with warm weather and awesome cutting edge webapp topics! Like last time, friends at Cannedapps (http://cannedapps.com/) are helping us with the venue. So, what's up this time? Jarmo Pertman (http://itreallymatters.net/) introduces jQuery Deferred, Priit Tamboom (http://priit.mx.ee/) from Gitlab (http://gitlab.eu) shares HTML5 Appcache tech and experiences, Andri Möll (http://themoll.com) on real quick headless JavaScript tests with Node.js and Mocha, Wienke Giezeman (http://www.linkedin.com/in/wienke) from WappZapp.TV (http://www.wappzapp.tv/) on Appcelerator Titanium and building native apps in JavaScript. Mihkel Sokk (http://twitter.com/mihkelsokk) sheds some light on WebRTC, the HTML5 API for voice calls, video chat, etc. and shows some cool demos. Tõnis Tiigi (https://github.com/tonistiigi) talks about his own new Node.js-based tool for rapid development of stylesheets, As always we'll chat afterwards. We've got a big screen ready, if you'd like to show something cool during the meetup, too. See ya there!

  • The Ultimate HTML5 Kick-Off Meetup

    Cannedapps Tallinn Studio

    We'll kick this in gear on the 1st of February with friends at Cannedapps (http://cannedapps.com/) who are helping us with the venue! So far, first ideas: Martin Grüner has a few words on drawing with Canvas. Andri introducing testing JavaScript with Jasmine and Sinon. Andri on the awesome power of Sass and Compass, a CSS preprocessor + framework. Kevin Valdek showing key features of MooTools, a powerful OO JavaScript framework. Open-topic chatting, too. Room for more short talks! Come and give your own lightning or short talk! Share what you've learned! Let us know what talk ideas you have in mind, so we can plan some time.